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For many people the word “library” conjures up images of books and not much more. Although books remain a core feature and are beneficial in many more ways than commonly understood, libraries have a much wider and more significant reach than books alone.

With this in mind, in Autumn 2013 an A to Z list focusing on the positive impact of libraries was crowd-sourced. The intention was to use it to highlight the breadth of services, resources and facilities available, and celebrate the importance, value and relevance of well-funded and professionally-run public libraries. It is this A to Z that has turned into the illustrations and promotional and advocacy material that is freely available for use on this site.  The services, along with the words that have been turned into the illustrated letters, aren’t comprehensive, but are just a representative sample.

The illustrations, book and associated materials that appear on this site were funded byKickstarter campaignsuggested and organised by Andrew Walsh. Through this campaign we achieved 155 backers and £4,543 of pledges. Further details of all our backers can be found here.

About the creators

Gary Green

Gary is a public librarian with a focus on online services and supporting physical library services with technology. He is also a founder member of Voices for the Library, a national advocacy campaign dedicated to highlighting the value of UK public libraries and the staff who work in them.

Andrew Walsh

Andrew is a researcher and a practitioner, whose work has largely focused on improving the teaching of information skills, especially via the development and introduction of innovative and original means of information literacy instruction. Andrew is particularly interested in information literacy, the use of active learning within library sessions, the application of mobile technologies within the library environment, and game based learning and play in libraries.

Recently, Andrew set up a new publisher for affordable professional development books for LIS students and staff, with the help of a crowdfunding campaign.

Andrew is a University teaching Fellow and a National Teaching Fellow.

Josh Filhol

Josh Filhol is a Freelance Illustrator based in the UK. In his work he uses a variety of techniques such as pen and inks, as well as digital programs. He enjoys drawing in sketchbooks, creating characters, typography and all sorts of ideas. More of his work can be found on his website: